Monday, October 4, 2010

Taking photographs of babies (Simple and useful Tips)

The very difficult task for a photographer is shooting newborns. Babies can be quite natural in front of the camera. The challenge lies in how to make more than just ‘cute’ pictures. It should be adorable even when they look at it once they are older.

*        Baby’s eyes are very delicate and sensitive to any kind of harsh, bright light. So you should use the right kind of light.
*        Make most of natural light whenever it is possible (Light coming in through windows or the early evening sunlight is perfect)
*        Avoid flash lights. Direct flash can harm a newborn’s eyesight.
*        When you shoot indoor, make use of nearby lamps.
*        Best time to take newborn’s photo is while they are sleeping. They make funny poses while they are asleep.
*        Keep their clothing very simple with natural colours as pinks, blues and yellows.
*        Avoid too many props inside the frame and do not dress them too much.
*        When they are old enough to eat by themselves, let them play with their food. You can have collection of messy photographs.

*        Bath time. They would love to make many expressions while they play with water. But be sure one of the baby’s family member staying near.
*        They really look good and feel comfortable when they are with their family members. Father holding baby or mother holding her baby close to her chest or taking the picture of baby with the baby’s grandparent’s elderly hands inside the frame would create a perfect photo.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Digital Photography

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. There are lots of moments when you see a beautiful photograph of a misty valley or a dewdrop; you will not even find a solitary word to describe the depth of feeling invoked by that image. But the photography is not easy work.

If you are older than fifteen years, you know the hassle of non-digital photography. Those days taking photographs using a normal camera was quite expensive. The initial cost for the camera, negative rolls, developing and printing, etc. You had no way of correcting a photo after taking it. If you just open the negative under the light vision, you can’t use that whole roll again.

Now it has become quite easier and cheaper because of the digital photography (the cameras are quite expensive though). The minimum requirements are a camera, a charger, a memory slot (obviously an object to film it). And it makes it easier to take even more photos as well.

With the new technology you can easily share your photos with your family and friends. And you can even sell them online.

I’ll keep on writing about digital photography as well as image hosting web sites here in my blog(with the help of some of the great photographers' Notes as well). Keep posting your comments as well.
See you soon.