Wednesday, September 29, 2010

...Owner's Note...

Hey Folks,

This is ViVi again.Thank you for your responses and appreciations for my first blogger(lady vivi on the board).It was quite surprise for me,the support which you gave for a young writer like me.Thank you very much again.

Here I come with another blog, with full of digital paintings and photography collection(as well as some useful articles for the people who loves photography).I'm no professional.It could be even scribbling or child art from your view.After all I'm just a beginner.We are learning everything with our experience. I value your comments though. So keep on posting.

Thanking you,


  1. so u are a writer too?? i cant believe my eyes vivi!!
    loving your work!! :D

  2. Hi Laksh, Thanx for visiting.. I would not mark myself as a writer at least not a professional.. But I do write some web contents and blogs as a freelancer. If you like to read more of mine, you can visit following.
    Hubs :
    Blog :
    Blog(Tamil) :

    Thanx for following dear..